We provide access to tons of on-demand, a skilled virtual workforce to Businesses (Seekers) & Individuals (Solvers). WorkerBees connects online job seekers with solvers to do their short tasks.
Solvers can select tasks of their choice and get paid in US$ & INR.

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WorkerBees - Work And Earn From Short Task
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Browse Jobs And Choose Which Perfectly Fits Your Skills.

Make money online by completing short tasks.

The Seeker will publish a task, Solvers can complete tasks and submit work proof to get paid.

Write an Article
Write an Article
Video Marketing
Video Marketing
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Translation Jobs
Translation Jobs
Download & Install Apps
Download & Install Apps
Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Get paid for completing micro-tasks

How it Works?

Quick Sign Up
Quick Sign Up

Create your account by entering simple information.

Do Tasks
Do Tasks

Do tasks of your choice, complete them, and submit proofs for verification.

Get Paid for Your Efforts
Get Paid for Your Efforts

Get paid US$ for each satisfied task submission.

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Satisfied Seekers
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Frequently Asked

  • FAQ
    Why use WorkerBees?

    1. Turn your time into profit.

    2. Providing remote work for everyone

    3. Become a freelancer; work, submit proofs, and get paid off.

  • FAQ
    What kind of jobs are allowed?

    1. Micro / Short tasks

    2. We accept all type of jobs until it is not harmful to others.

    3. Affordable and Reasonable task price.

  • FAQ
    What kind of jobs are not allowed?

    1. Lengthy task at a low price

    2. Harmful website related activities

    3. Promoting illegal or violent media

    Read more
  • FAQ
    When should Seekers pay money to the Solvers?

    Once Seeker is satisfied with the proofs submitted by Solvers, a decided amount will be paid to Solver's wallet directly.

    We believe if a person is spending time, putting their efforts for you to accomplish your task and so they must be get paid.

  • FAQ
    What is the pricing to post a new job?

    We're charging US $0.025 for 25 Tasks effective from 1st April 2022.

    The reason behind charging fees is to provide high-quality platform with 24x7 support. Our team is actively monitoring and delivering good outputs for you.

Why Work on WorkerBees?

This is how We work!

Less than a few minutes from now you could be doing different tasks of your choice with fun and enjoyment.

24x7 Online Platform


Work from Anywhere, Make Money Online, Paid Work at Home


Reasonable prices for each tasks


Quality work deliverables


100% Work From Anywhere


Use Your personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to earn lot of money.

Why Work on WorkerBees?

Our work process for Seeker

This is how Seeker works!

Seek workers to solve and complete your Tasks. Pay only once you're satisfied.

We accept job requirements that help businesses to promote their business (Blog, Websites, Apps, and Social Media)
We help them by providing crowd to do their tasks with high quality and their knowledge to achieve goals.


Choose your targeted country for running a job


Choose appropriate category as per requirement


Add the task requirement description


Choose the number of workers to be hired for your Microjob


Deposit money and submit the job to get your work done

Why Work on WorkerBees as Seeker?

Our work process for Solvers

This is how Solver works!

Honesty, Ambition, and Smart work will give you fruitful outcomes with Microjobs.

Find tasks as per your interest, micro job tasks required little time to finish.
Explore tasks categorized with promoting content, social media marketing, SEO, survey, polls, and many more. Get paid to your wallet immediately after task is reviewed and marked as satisfied by Seeker.


Browse and choose jobs you like to work on


Explore required micro tasks


Complete required tasks


Submit required proof

Why Work on WorkerBees as Solver?
We make money only when you do.


Explore the benefits of membership vs non-membership.

Fees Breakdown (Digitalworkerbees Fees)

Description Non-Member Member
Subscription Plan Free
Posted Job Approval Charge
Note: Charge is applicable to SeekerBees (Employers - who are posting the jobs) only.
per 25 Tasks
No Charge
Withdrawal Platform Fees
For example, If you are earning $100 - The platform will take $7 or $2.9 depending on your subscription plan.
We make money only when you do.
7% 2.9%
Task Bonus Deductions
We charge a 3.0% fees, and you keep 97% of the bonus.
For members, you keep 100%.
3% 0%
Verified User Badge
Complete your e-KYC
  • Trust and Credibility
  • Enhance Reputation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security and Safety
Refunds from your spendable wallet
With valid reason to refund, We will deduct a small amount from your wallet.
10% 5%
Restore Account after policy violations
It is permitted ONE TIME only.
To reactivate your blocked or suspended account, you need to pay penalty amount to restore your account.
Your balance will remain as it is!

Deposits Fees & Withdrawals Fees (Payment Gateways' charge)

We don't charge any extra fees. It may vary 1%-4.5% based on your chosen Payment Method

Payment Method Support

Methods USD INR Deposit Withdrawal
Debit Card/ Credit Card
Net Banking
UPI / Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm

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Ahmedabad, India IN based start up WorkerBees Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was started officially in the year 2022. Our company has been developing high-quality and reliable software applications for corporate needs since 2016. We are renowned professionals in software development and IT industries. We are proud to have more than 7+ Clients and 3+ Investors.

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