Last Updated On: 25th May, 2022

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Guidelines to open a new ticket

  • When you open a new ticket, usually we answer each ticket in 24-48 hours. Keep Patience.
  • If you have a critical issue, Please write "*urgent*" (without double quotes) when you are asked to enter the subject.
  • Be gentle, and write us a message with a kind, professional and humble tone. Aggressive or threatening language can result in the termination of your account if you are a member of the Digital WorkerBees platform.
  • Do not submit the same form details again and again. Otherwise it will be marked as a spam automatically, and we don't care about spam responses!
  • Once the ticket is closed, if you want to reopen it, You can communicate with us by reply to mail conversations.

When can I create a new ticket?

Here are some categories, choose your relevant category to your concern, query, suggestion, feedback, or information.
  • General Question
  • Problem with Account
  • Feedback
  • Technical Issue
  • Inform for Security Loopholes/Security Concerns
  • Suggestions
  • Report Job
  • Report User
  • Report Inappropriate/ Invalid /Illegal content or activities
  • Payment Related Issues
  • Request a Refund
  • Business with Us
  • Partnership / Become a Partner with Us
  • Advertising with Us
  • Other

Your help will be appreciated if you identified a vulnerability on any of our web properties, we request you to contact us as soon as possible by sending an email to with the required information to reproduce the vulnerability scenario. You can also include screenshots, videos, and text steps to reproduce the scenario again.

Don't find answer for your queries in FAQs?

Don't worry, Feel free to open a new ticket.