Last Updated On: 31st March, 2022

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Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights

Digital WorkerBees strictly adheres to non-infringement of copyrights and believes it has not violated any rights belonging to any other party during the course of its business and provision of the Services. In case any person or entity has proof of the infringement of the rights by Digital WorkerBees, he/she/it shall serve the notice to us. We shall resolve the matter within twenty-eight (28) days of the receipt of such notice.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the material contained in Web Site Digital, including, without limitation, the content, software, images, drawings, and design, is the sole property of Digital WorkerBees and is protected by copyright protection laws for the time being in force in India and by the relevant International Treaties. No user is allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, reprint, host, or use in any other manner without the written approval from us ("Digital WorkerBees").

In the event of an infringement of our rights, we shall take strict legal action, and shall also claim compensation.

Digital WorkerBees reserves the rights not hereby claimed.


The user hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Digital WorkerBees, its directors, affiliates, agents, employees, and staff harmless from any claim, legal action, demand, or damages made by any third party arising out or linking to the user's enjoyment of the Services, or violation of the TOS committed an act of omission or commission of the user or infringement of rights of a third party arising out of any contract with such third party.

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