Last Updated On: 21st April, 2022

Connecting Workers and Employers worldwide

Origin of Digital WorkerBees!

Digital WorkerBees is based on the idea that many online jobs and online businesses are available now a days, but cannot be entirely replaced by technology and the latest trends. Whether the job is about photo-editing, researching detailed information, translation jobs, graphic designing, Logo making, transcribing audio or video recordings, or writing content (list can be so long for each requirements), some jobs are just better done by humans, not the automated programs!

From this unavoidable truth, Digital WorkerBees was born.

Digital WorkerBees has built a community of,

  • Seekers (Businesses, Companies, or individuals who need various tasks accomplished without hiring in-house staff)
  • Solvers (workers who can complete these jobs with virual workforce)

With the increasing cost of running businesses, more and more companies seek human support with an optimum benefit-cost ratio. Digital WorkerBees's mission is to achieve this problem at affordable cost with minimum efforts.

With the collaboration of solvers and seekers at Digital WorkerBees, we bring optimum solutions to our users:

  • With the help of Digital WorkerBees platform, these seekers and solvers are able to connect and do business with eachother.
  • Problems can be solved at an affordable cost.
  • Perfect work product can guarantee payments
  • Businesses can hop into a wider range of online strengths.

We're offering

Opportunities For Seekers and Solvers


Hire Solver Bee workforce to do your Tasks

1. Create a job for your requirement
Supply your account with pollens (Money)
2. Cultivate and define tasks for your workforce
Cultivate and Define tasks for your workforce
3. Get satisfying fruitful results
Get satisfying fruitful results

Why Use WorkerBees to Get Your Work Done?


Deliver work & get paid for your true efforts.

1. Choose a task of your choice
Choose a task of your choice
2. Fulfill your task
Fullfil task requiments and submit proofs
3. Earn rewards (In US$) for each satisfied task
Earn rewards (In US$) for each satisfied tasks

Why Work on WorkerBees as solvers?